Bible Study for Bike Riders

We never forget our first bike do you remember yours?
Has any marked your life by leaving a scar? It is part of our childhood and development to learn to ride a bicycle without the training wheels.
But do you know who invented the bike? Where and  when did the first pedaling on two wheels happen? Bicycle is a word that is originally from the Greek, bi (two) and Kyklos (wheels). In French bicyclette, and English bicycle was adapted in Portuguese as a bicicleta.
In century XV the inventor Leonardo da Vinci elaborated bicycle projects that never were executed. It was in Paris,  France in 1818, that the first SKINNY was born, which was
called the “wooden horse”, because it was built of wood. In 1840 it gained pedals that were connected directly to the rear wheel, like a children’s tricycles today, so far it had neither pedals nor chains. The chain system connected to the wheel, as we see today, came in 1874, giving greater stability and safety to the bicycle.