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Bible studies for motorcyclists

• Who likes motorcycles, likes to travel. The sensation of  freedom that feels to accelerate on a road with a beautiful landscape in the background is almost indescribable.  In Brazil, we have several fascinating routes such as the Estrada Rio-Santos, with beach landscapes and Serra do Mar, the Via Serrana in Rio Grande do Sul, with the beauties and charm of the Serra Gaúcha, the Green Line in Bahia, the Serra do Rio do Rastro in Santa Catarina and the Estrada Real (Minas-Rio), among others.

• But the biggest dream of 9 out of 10 motorcyclists is one
day trek the most iconic of all the roads in the world: the U.S. Route 66 in the United States. With 2,387 miles crossing America from Chicago to Los Angeles in California, it is marked by beautiful landscapes such as the urban Willys’ Tower in Chicago, the Grand Canyon, the
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Santa Monica Boulevard just off the highway, on the beaches of the Pacific. Traveling the road was already the yearning for youngsters in the 1960s, which were hoping to get out of the icy east-central US to California’s sunny beaches. The trip was typically by motorcycle, preferably in a Harley-Davidson.